COVID-19: America’s Airlines Are Ready When You Are

An old expression among aviators goes, “There are old pilots and bold pilots; but there are no old, bold pilots.” From the very beginning of my 46 years in aviation, I learned to manage risk to survive. Given the COVID-19 concerns our passengers face, we must manage risk to ensure safety from an infectious disease just as we manage other risks like weather, pilot and air traffic control errors, miscommunication, or mechanical malfunctions.

Youtube Video Content – Case Study

Our client needed more high-quality traffic to their website including help with organic traffic growth. They also created many new videos promoting their destination. The videos were originally placed on their YouTube channel and a few pages on their website but didn’t get many organic views. They wanted us to find a way to work in their YouTube videos with our Content Activation campaign to drive views for the channel while still driving traffic to their website.

Sequential Retargeting, Hotel Pages Growth

Our client is located in a large metro area and only receives tax revenue if visitors stay in hotels in their footprint. In other words, the metro area has around 20 destinations but the advertiser only has 5 of these. Therefore, it is important to advertise which hotels visitors should stay at (without advertising specific hotels) by using general lodging ads driving to the hotel page on the website.

Travel and Tourism Trends

On May 1st, Mike Robertson and Josh Sherwood were able to present “Real-time, Travel and Tourism trends”, to the members of GACVB. By utilizing and tracking the organic traffic of our partners, they were able to see critical trends and bring them to our partners and Industry. GACVB Presentation ( MediaOne’s Part) from Mike Robertson