Third-party cookies will become a thing of the past but not quite as soon as everyone thought. Google recently announced it is proposing to delay, for almost two years, the full phase out of third-party cookies on its Chrome Platform.

Vinay Goel, a privacy engineer on the Google Chrome team, described how despite considerable process, it’s become clear that “more time is needed” across the ecosystem to get this right.

“For Chrome, specifically, our goal is to have the key technologies deployed by late 2022 for the developer community to start adopting them,” Goel wrote in a blog
post announcing the news.

“Soon we will provide a more detailed schedule on, where it will be updated regularly to provide greater clarity and ensure that developers and publishers can plan their testing and migration schedules,” Google’s Goel wrote.

After this, Google Chrome will start to phase out support for third-party cookies over a three-month period in 2023.

While this announcement has led to a collective sigh of relief throughout the advertising industry, here at MediaOne we have been building successful targeting strategies that don’t rely on third-party cookies since day one. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the “No-Cookie” world.

In a recently published blog “What’s With All the Cookie Talk?” we explored how the Cookie World is changing, how it affects you, the advertiser and why MediaOne is positioned to give our clients the competitive edge. Here are some key takeaways:


Third-party cookies are like your internet shadow. They follow you everywhere and track your every internet move. That data is then collected, shared, and purchased by advertisers and DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).


Google Chrome controls 64% of the browser share and will continue to collect and own much of its first-party data. The good news is MediaOne has been using Google Ads for years.


We are a Google Partner, which means MediaOne will continue to have access to Google first-party data long after it is not available to other platforms.

We have a senior level team of Digital Experts who will Measure Performance against your Google Analytics. Our Keyword Experts understand Search Volume and important Keyword Trends to give you High-level, agency-based Insights and Strategies without third-party data.

So, in these changing times, you may want to ask your Media Partner(s):

  • Do you use multiple platforms (DSPs) or only a single DSP?
  • How much of our targeting relies on third-party data? First-party?
  • Are we utilizing keyword-based contextual advertising?
  • What’s our transition plan for retargeting without cookies?
  • Will we still be able to frequency cap?

Call us for straight forward answers and real solutions in a world without third-party cookies.
At MediaOne, it’s been our way of doing business since the beginning.

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