Google in its continuing quest to provide a better user experience with more intuitive SEO has updated its Video Best Practices. But before we dive into the new recommendations, let’s take a look at why video content is so important to Brands and so popular with consumers.

Wyzowl just released its 2021 State of Video Marketing Report and here are some key takeaways.

86% of businesses use video in their marketing toolbox.

87% of those businesses say that video content gives them positive ROI. Strikingly that number was only 33% in 2015.

84% of the businesses that use video in their marketing give it credit for effective lead generation.

78% attribute an improved company bottom line to their use of video content in marketing.

94% say video content helps consumers better understand their products or services.

The Big Story

Consumers spend an average of 18 hours per week watching videos online. That’s up 7.5 hours since 2018.

So, as you can see video is King and continues to grow as one of the best ways that brands can reach their target audience.

Google’s updated Video Best Practice Recommendations

Give it a page
To make sure your video gets the attention it deserves and ranks at the top in search, Google says: “to give your videos maximum exposure, create a dedicated page for each video, where the video is the most prominent subject on the page.”

Make it stand out
In addition to having its own page the video should be prominently placed and easy to find. They even provided a graphic example to help you visualize what that might look like.

Make sure to include the video title and description on the page. You can also include the video on other pages as well and provide additional information.

Google also gives more technical guidance for web developers that includes recommendations for:

HTML tags
Video site maps
Third-party embedded players
And more…..

You what to make sure your marketing partners have the knowledge and technical expertise to implement the new Google Video Best Practice Recommendations. At Media One we have a team of digital marketing experts to ensure our Destination Marketing Partners are on the cutting edge of emerging trends. Need compelling video content to engage your target audience? Well, we do that too.

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