47% of Digital Ads Not Viewed… And it may be more like 70% for your campaign

You could be and most likely are paying at least twice as much as you think to get your ad on screen and reach a prospective customer if you aren’t using a 3rd party company to measure your digital display ads are viewable. Some of the top companies are MOAT, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify (we have chosen to partner with DoubleVerify).

What makes an ad viewable by definition? According to MRC it is being at least 50% on screen for 1 second or more.

An IAS study as reported by MarketingCharts, ads run directly to a site are seen more at 60% while ads run programmatically are seen just under 50% (ads in view for >5 seconds drops another 15% or so). There is a way to overcome this for a small price – in most cases you’ll pay 25% more to be seen 50%+ more which is good ROI.

One thing to consider about these average viewability rates is that big advertisers are averaging over 70% viewability since they are using 3rd party companies already. That means smaller brands not measuring this are more than likely being seen around 30%.

This chart is the top level overview from MarketingCharts that shows figures:

Our recommendation is to find a partner that uses 3rd party reporting to validate their viewability numbers for all campaigns, in particular programmatic display and video. MediaOne makes this a regular practice.