Investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical to the success of any Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) website.  At MediaOne we believe it is too often overlooked and not as an essential component of every company’s marketing toolbox.  Let’s look at some reasons why a long-term investment in SEO makes good business sense.

SEO Basics

Simply put, SEO refers to implementing strategies that improve your website and increase exposure organically over time when people search for a product or service you provide.  Search engines like Google and Bing have bots that crawl all over the web collecting information about pages and websites. They collect information about written content, videos, links and much more.  The search engines index that information and then match it to the words or phrases that a person uses to search the web.  It’s like a librarian finding you the perfect book.

SEO vs. Paid Search (SEM)

There are two ways to get on top of a search page, SEO and Paid Search where you pay to be at the top of the list.

Paid search often feels more glamorous to organizations because it delivers a more immediate result.  You can optimize campaigns daily and even hourly to deliver results and that’s why it often gets a bigger share of the budget.  The downside of over relying on Paid Search is that budgets can be depleted quickly and/or the bidding wars price you out of the market.

A well implemented SEO strategy, on the other hand can deliver the same results over time without breaking the bank.  Think of it like The Tortoise and The Hare.  The race to the top of a search page is better accomplished, more effective, and less costly using a slow and steady pace.

With that said, many successful organizations believe that investing wisely in both, SEO and Paid Search is a winning combination.

At MediaOne we often find that brands rely too heavily on Paid Search because of its’ more immediate though costly result.  Investing in SEO on the other hand is just as important, if not more, because it builds successful organic search results over the long term and keeps your site at the top at a reasonable cost.

Investing in SEO

SEO isn’t “free” and doesn’t “just happen” as so many people believe.  Effective SEO requires time, effort, and money.  Larger organizations often have an SEO team that provides ongoing efforts to maintain and increase their web visibility.  Those teams consist of:

  • People who manage the process
  • Writers who create copy and optimize content
  • Engineers who code and improve the website structure

Smaller organizations and DMO’s may not be able to afford an in-house team and must rely on hiring a Digital Marketing Partner to provide those services.  MediaOne has a dedicated staff of SEO experts to give our Marketing Partners a real advantage in race to the top of search results.  We have the writers, engineers and project managers who can guide you through the process and deliver measurable ROI.

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