Travelers Are on The Move – How & Why Decisions Get Made

At MediaOne we are all about capitalizing on current developments to help our Destination Partners realize their competitive edge.  We recognize that the market for small to medium sized destinations is ripe to take market share from larger destinations that are close by and get the majority of search volume.  We call them challenger brands and have much success promoting and taking a bigger piece of the pie. Consumer demand for travel is busting at the seams. Here are some recent trends affecting the Vacation Destination Industry and metrics that drive the tourist decision making process.

Google Puts on the Cookie Brakes

Third-party cookies will become a thing of the past but not quite as soon as everyone thought. Google recently announced it is proposing to delay, for almost two years, the full phase out of third-party cookies on its’ Chrome Platform. Vinay Goel, a privacy engineer on the Google Chrome team, described how despite considerable process, it’s become clear that “more time is needed” across the ecosystem to get this right.

Our Top Six: Simple Video Ideas

Content builds a commanding web presence. Content with video? Even more powerful.

Video attracts people (and search engines), keeps site visitors engaged, and gives people something quick and easy to share. Plus, a Forrester Research study shows that video is 50x more likely to help web pages gain organic ranking by Google (when compared to plain text).

Your No-Cookie Strategy - MediaOne

Your No-Cookie Strategy

In early 2020, Google announced that their much-loved Chrome browser (64% of browser share) will no longer support third-party cookies — by 2022.

We’re seeing the waves ripple out from this announcement as advertisers and ad platforms explore workarounds. Lucky for us, we’ve been building targeting strategies that don’t rely on third-party cookies since day one. So while some wade through the changes, we’re reporting live from the wave pool snack bar with everything you need to know (and ask) before allocating your next ad budget.

Video is King - MediaOne North America

Video: King of Content

Have you watched a video on your phone or computer yet today? Maybe you did it without even thinking about it — without even having to tap or click a play button. If not, it’s only a matter of time. Blame our short attention spans, or the fact that we can process visuals 10x faster than words. Whatever you chalk it up to there’s no denying that video rules the internet.

2021 Trends

Our Top Six: Trendwatching in 2021

Despite travel restrictions and all sorts of other obstacles, people are booking trips, slipping away from it all, and living life to the fullest. In between, they’re hopping from place to place online and on their phones, nearly 24/7. Welcome to 2021.

In contrast, these six media trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. As you’re putting your annual budget into action and looking to make the most of it, get to know the online destinations your audience is likely exploring throughout their day: Our 2021 Top Six

5 Tips to Maximize Your Digital Marketing - MediaOne North America

5 Tips to Maximize Your Digital Marketing

It’s tough trusting a new digital partner.  Do they really care as much about your business as you do or are they just running campaigns and sending reports? The right digital partner will go beyond  delivering impressions and clicks by digging deep into the analytics to provide you with strategic insights and guidance. 

COVID-19: America’s Airlines Are Ready When You Are

An old expression among aviators goes, “There are old pilots and bold pilots; but there are no old, bold pilots.” From the very beginning of my 46 years in aviation, I learned to manage risk to survive. Given the COVID-19 concerns our passengers face, we must manage risk to ensure safety from an infectious disease just as we manage other risks like weather, pilot and air traffic control errors, miscommunication, or mechanical malfunctions.

Travel and Tourism Trends

On May 1, 2020, Mike Robertson and Josh Sherwood presented “Real-time, Travel and Tourism Trends” to the members of the Georgia Association of CVBs (GACVB). By utilizing and tracking the organic traffic of MediaOne’s partners, they were able to see critical trends and bring them to our partners and the Georgia travel industry. GACVB Presentation…