Our client is located in a large metro area and only receives tax revenue if visitors stay in hotels in their footprint. In other words, the metro area has around 20 destinations but the advertiser only has 5 of these. Therefore, it is important to advertise which hotels visitors should stay at (without advertising specific hotels) by using general lodging ads driving to the hotel page on the website.

What we did

MediaOne wrote two pieces of content promoting things to do in the fall. We then developed a campaign that guaranteed website traffic to the content from various native ads targeting potential travelers. We setup the campaign tracking infrastructure then received access to the advertiser’s Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics to measure the campaign thoroughly. The campaign ran in the fall then we adjusted the content and ran again in the spring.

The results

  • Hotel site traffic up 130% in September & October 2017 vs the same time in 2016
  • Geography: mix of traffic went from a majority in-market (same DMA as the destination) to majority feeder markets