Our happy, long-term, client has increased market share for the past 2 years and wanted to continue growth in 2020. Two neighboring, more well-known destinations are the biggest competition while the Covid pandemic has shrunk the pool of visitors. The CVB has maintained the strategy to reach anyone researching Smoky Mountain travel and tourism destinations in the area.


Over the course of 2+ years of service, MediaOne has run a holistic, end-to-end campaign strategy to own the Smoky Mountain travel planning. When Covid hit, we quickly adjusted strategy to account for people looking at cabins and outdoor activities. Custom first party audiences, monthly flowcharts, Google Analytics goals, personalized creative all drive the campaign with a methodical approach to analyzing data to perform hundreds of optimizations. Tactics consist of programmatic native & display on all screens, video, SEM and delivering a monthly email newsletter.


Constant improvement as we learn more and optimize based on data. One key measurement has been the STR report. Through July 2020 YTD, the report shows our client’s occupancy rate and ADR change was highest among the competitive set.

In July 2020, our client’s occupancy rate was 78.4%, over 5.7% better than the next best and an increase of 0.5% over July 2019.


Occupancy Rate

ADR Change

MediaOne's Client



Comp 1 (Smaller)



Comp 2 (Largest)



Comp 3 (Larger)



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