Our client needed more high-quality traffic to their website including help with organic traffic growth. They also created many new videos promoting their destination. The videos were originally placed on their YouTube channel and a few pages on their website but didn’t get many organic views. They wanted us to find a way to work in their YouTube videos with our Content Activation campaign to drive views for the channel while still driving traffic to their website.  The chart to the right shows direct correlation of YouTube views with spikes in traffic from our content activation campaign.

What we did

MediaOne wrote content that had the videos embedded in the page so as a visitor read the intriguing content they could watch the great videos without leaving the website. We then developed a campaign that guaranteed website traffic to the content from various native ads targeting potential travelers. We setup the campaign tracking infrastructure then received access to the advertiser’s Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics to measure the campaign thoroughly. The campaign ran in the fall then we adjusted the content and ran again in the spring.

The results

The results were better than we could’ve expected driving over 32k sessions to the website in the fall in which the YouTube videos were watched over 2,000 times. Then we took our learnings into the spring and optimized the campaign. We drove just over 20,000 more sessions to the site with over 3,300 times in the spring. That’s over double the rate of video views in the spring! On top of this, the organic traffic started to grow for the first time in 2017. Last but not least overall website traffic grew 57.5% in Fall and 75.7% in spring where the site traffic was only up 7% while campaigns not running.

Additional Insights

YouTube Analytics Spring

YouTube Analytics Fall

Google Analytics YOY Growth Spring

Google Analytics YOY Growth Fall

Google Analytics Organic Traffic Growth in May 2017